Once you’ve started thinking about your crowdfund campaign, and before you commit to spending time, effort and some money on the marketing plan, it can sometimes be best to first establish that your company is ready and able to make good the promises you are going to have to make to investors.

Do you have a robust Business Plan with a clear Vision of what you want to achieve? Has this been translated in to a Mission Statement to share with any investors? Are any employees or co-workers positively committed to help you achieve your aims?

Do your customers share your own opinions of your company’s strengths and weaknesses? Do your employees, especially those responsible for Sales and Order Fulfilment? It can be discovered through a Gap Analysis Audit.

Maybe some changes would be required to internal procedures and processes before running any marketing or trying to raise investment. By human nature most people are resistant to change, the people working for you are unlikely to be any different. Securing and maintaining the positive commitment of your key employees to new ways of doing things and new things to do is crucial for success.

Comanche Communications & Marketing can help with issues like these.