“I worked with Clive briefly – he’s moving into the crowd funding space – good values, great integrity, he’d be worth talking with.”
Jake Pearce, a specialist in brand planning, development & innovation, author of “The Meaning Business”


“Clive, the information you supplied was exactly what I wanted. You’re a genius!”
Tony Othen, Founder of Royal Hill Community Garden, Greenwich, London


“It’s good to hear someone who knows what they are talking about!” Jane Scoggs, Investor Relations Manager at East Eight, a property development company that opens its projects up to pools of investors through the online crowdfunding platform Simple Equity


“I worked with Clive at the Radio Advertising Bureau during a period of great change and significant growth for the radio industry. He’s a consummate media professional with exemplary client handling skills and an extensive contacts book. He’s dedicated, 100% reliable, and great fun to have around. I’d be delighted to work with him again one day.”
Steve Cox, Marketing Director, Airports Division of JC Decaux, the world’s biggest poster advertising company


“Clive launched sponsorship and match programme advertising opportunities at our rugby club virtually single handed. They continue to bring in a significant amount of our income.”
Clive Corlett, former Treasurer at Old Colfeians RFC, and also former Director General and Deputy Chairman of the Inland Revenue


“I have known Clive for over 20 years. He’s always got something new to talk about.”
Mark Brown, Managing Director of MBMedia Europe Ltd and a television shopping channel specialist


“Due to Clive we’ve had great coverage in the sailing press.”
Steve Wilson, Commodore of Greenwich Yacht Club


“He’s always full of ideas.”
Anna Hancock, UK Managing Partner of media advertising agency PHD


“He listens with both ears, which is very rare.”
Mark Edmonds, MD of Mobile Media Promotions, a national taxi advertising company


“Clive regularly contributed to our tutorials, drawing on his wide experience to provide examples that helped explain many topics.”
Louise Hall, Business Director at media advertising agency OMD UK and fellow 2012-13 IDM Diploma student