Picture-of-CliveI started Comanche Communications & Marketing in 2014, and it has remained just me, providing clients with bespoke marketing and crowdfunding services. You may already know me, or perhaps we haven’t yet met. So how do you know I know what I’m talking about, and that I won’t waste your time? Or your money.

First, here’s why I focus on crowdfunding. In 2013 a former colleague and friend from my advertising agency days was taken from us in her early 50s by breast cancer. Her mother and aunt had also died the same way, and my friend left behind two teenage daughters. I began working with a local photographer who had developed an innovative style of abstract photography based on the naked female form, and his aim was to raise £1m for a national breast cancer charity.

Whilst I was exploring the opportunities provided by crowdfunding to stage an exhibition and publish a book, the photo project was unfortunately brought to a close. However, I had quickly been impressed by meeting people who were extremely passionate about crowdfunding, and whilst it is clearly all about raising finance I also found research that showed the two biggest issues facing crowdfunding project creators were:

  1. how to plan and run effective marketing, and
  2. how to develop content such as a pitch document and a project video.

Seizing this as an opportunity, I set out to be an independent crowdfunding adviser within providing more general marketing services to small and medium size businesses. These days I mainly concentrate on managing clients’ social media accounts, and creating marketing content to be published on websites or anywhere else.

Here is some information about my professional knowledge and experience. I hope it helps you decide to get in touch for an initial conversation. I also have a profile on LinkedIn and you can follow me on Twitter.

Clive Reffell

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