Successful crowdfunding requires a well thought through marketing strategy with a co-ordinated plan using a variety of online and offline ways to communicate with likely supporters and backers. This is true of any type or size of organisation, whether crowdfunding or not. I can help your business with a review of your Marketing, create original content for inbound marketing, manage your social media accounts, handle PR assignments and provide branded merchandise.

Current and recent non-crowdfunding responsibilities include:

      • Content & Marketing Partner with responsible for online publishing and content creation for this global media platform covering all aspects of the collaborative/sharing economy, and including managing a team of 20 voluntary contributors
      • Content Marketing and Social Media Manager for Murray Birrell Chartered Surveyors
      • Social Media Manager for the LoLo (Local Loyalty) customer loyalty/reward scheme
      • Marketing and crowdfunding adviser to Bass Couture, a startup outdoor music events and musical talent development and management company in Brighton
      • PR and social media for Greenwich Yacht Club on an event-by-event basis (voluntary)
      • Social media for a local music venue pub – they had their best year in 15 years of trading once I started running their online activity
      • PR and social media for a community garden that beat off a planning application to build on the site