What’s in store for donations crowdfunding?

Donations crowdfunding has already made a significant impact on the way people support charitable causes. Driven by social media and online platforms, it allows individuals and organizations to access a wider audience of potential donors and has made it easier for people to donate small amounts of money to causes they care about.

I’ve now been writing and publishing content for the international platform Crowdsourcing Week for nearly seven years. It covers all aspects of the crowd economy, and the technology that allows it all to take place. I was recently asked to look at trends in the donations crowdfunding sector.

So, what does the future hold for donations crowdfunding? To be clear, this article is not about crowdfunding that offers backers a reward of any kind – beyond the warm feeling people get from helping someone else. It is not about crowdfunding to invest in business equity, or to earn interest through lending on a peer-to-peer basis.

Please flip over to the Crowdsourcing Week site to read the rest of the article: https://crowdsourcingweek.com/blog/future-for-donations-crowdfunding/